After the huge success of The Hangover LP. Kenobi keeps up the momentum with God Mode: The Mixtape. Released barely one month after the release of The Hangover LP, his debut album, Kenobi was already showing signs of transformation from The Hangover Era. 

God Mode is a much more rough and moody affair than Kenobi's previous efforts. Whilst Kenobi has always shown diversity within his projects, God Mode sheds new light on the inner workings of a tormented mind. Sex, Struggle, Drugs and Rejection lace this album, though there are a few lighter moments, such as the piano driven Lily and the catchy Pussy Pushers (The Ballad of Lil Debbie) which is song inspired by sexually empowered women. 

If you enjoy honest, self aware Hip Hop, this mixtape is for you!


  1. So Cold
  2. God Mode
  3. Lily #2     
  4. Tommy Wiseau     
  5. Pussy Pushers (The Ballad of Lil' Debbie, #4)     
  6. Classified (Extended Mix) 
  7. Mideon     
  8. Everyday Struggle (Remastered mix)
  9. Rejection

God Mode: The Mixtape (2015)

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