Earthbound is the Second, full length, Studio Album from UK Artist Kenobi. 

Since releasing his first studio album, The Hangover LP, Kenobi has released a number of EPs, refining his art and becoming the artist we see today. Earthbound is Kenobi's most sophisticated and complete collection of tracks to date and will be a strong addition to any fan's catalog and will, no doubt, earn Kenobi a drove of new fans.


  1. Earthbound
  2. Get Away
  3. Take It Back
  4. Rap Game Prom King
  5. How You Gonna?
  6. They Don't Know
  7. Lose Control 2016
  8. You Real
  9. James Dean
  10. Cold Killer
  11. Hip Hop Dreams
  12. Another Planet
  13. Remembering You

Earthbound (2016)

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