Dystopian is the 3rd, full length, studio album by Kenobi. 

From his experimental first album, The Hangover LP, through his numerous EP/Mixtape releases, to his previous studio album, Earthbound. Kenobi has taken us through an emotional journey. You feel a strong sense of personality in every release and this candid look at a dark, desolate future is no different. Laced with soundbites from Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, the album seems to tell a vivid story of Love and Conflict. 

There are a few lighter notes. Kenobi is continuing to grace us with songs dedicated his most admired women. On Dystopian, we find The Dirty Girl, which is a song dedicated to former Adult Film Actress, Kristina Rose. Conflicts arise with the upbeat tempo of The Weekend, which feels "bouncy" but hides a dark message in the songs lyrics. 

Dystopian features collaborations with King Shabazz (with whom Kenobi had previously worked on the Bluehomie song, Loyal) and Big Condo Records artist, Lozinky. 

This album is, by far, Kenobi's most complete project and should be treated as a movie for the blind.


  1. Imagine
  2. What You Know?
  3. Man Down (Featuring King Shabazz)
  4. W.W.Y.K (Featuring Lozinky)
  5. Other Side (Empire)
  6. Have My Money
  7. The Weekend
  8. When I Get High
  9. Quiet Storm
  10. The Dirty Girl (Kristina Rose #3)
  11. Now or Never
  12. Broken
  13. Still Waters 

Dystopian (2016)

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